About Dante Layton

I have 20+ years experience working with small businesses, home-based businesses, and individuals needing well-designed and organized books.

I'm a former QuickBooks trainer for Intuit the maker of QuickBooks and a former QuickBooks consultant with Long Beach City College SBDC, Mt. San Antonio College SBDC, and Pacific Coast Regional SBDC.

I specialize in QuickBooks software and many QuickBooks integrated apps. I also write accounting manuals, including the development of accounting and financial controls. I've taught thousands of people how to QuickBooks over the years and have enjoyed it.

I'm currently the controller of a few closely held companies in Eugene, Oregon. In my spare time, I work on my hobby of urban homesteading, spending time with my family, and living a simple and private life.

When you start a transaction in QuickBooks the date with either default to today’s date or the last date a transaction was entered. If your preference is set to the last date entered you either type the current date or open the calendar and select the current date. To save yourself a little time the keyboard shortcut “ctrl t” changes the date to the current day.